Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vineyard Investment

Over the last number of years wine production has undergone a technological change that has faciltated a more efficient vineyard and better quality wine. Not everyone agrees with this as the great producers like a more authentic method. Nicolas Joly, the adviser for biodynamic wine-growing, said: "the wine-grower must decide whether he wants his bodega to be a maternity hospital where the grapes give birth to wine rather than a plastic surgery”.

Wine production is a lengthy process and is not something that can be created quickly. This must be adhered to, otherwise the wine would turn into one more industrial drink.

The challenge today is to satisfy the market without losing the individual features of each wine. Our goal to add to this achievement and we have some essential guidelines to tackle this challenge.

This vineyard investment will allow this project to reach its full potential.

Structure of Vineyard Investment

This vineyard investment started in early December 2008 with the launch of its Founding Syndicate Fund 1. Oversubscribed, this simple, yet effective investment philosophy raised a little over its target of €1,000,000 in just five months. This first round of investment funding was used to commence the first stages of development.

Fund 2 will raise €1,000,000. These funds will contribute to the building of the experimental bodega, the planting of a new, experimental vineyard and the trialling of different methods in the current vineyard to improve quality and yields.

We believe this high investment return fund to be totally unique today. Participation offers guaranteed returns of between 17% and 25% investment level dependent, the fixed two year term demonstrates a clear and concise exit strategy.

Monies raised through our Vineyard Syndicate Fund Two will go towards the following development in the vineyard:-

Stage 2 soil testing
Preparation and installation of weather stations
A two-year study into the exact plantation areas to determine which grape varieties are best suited
Study into the requirements for machinery for the second phase of the bodega which will produce wine from different grape varieties
All of the above requirements are necessary to optimise the vineyard and its yield, based on its available output. This will have a significant and positive effect on the organisation’s profit.

Investment Returns & Benefits

Minimum Investment 5,000
Maximum Return Fixed at 25%
Investment Period Fixed for Only 2 years
Privileged Access to Future Investments
Secure Investment (Various Guarantees)

A Solid Vineyard Investment

This vineyard investment and its bodega will have state of the art fermentation facilities. The Wine will mature on site and will be stored with strict supervision.

The business is under the juristiction of the Castilla la Mancha government’s agri-food grant scheme, and once the bodega is operational, the project will get up to 50%of the build cost in the form of a grant.

Friday, September 11, 2009

High Investment Return

Wine production is coming back to the vineyard at Los Pandos. Our aim is to construct a bodega on the established vineyard.

When finished this high investment return , project will aggregate the information gathered by the University Complutense’s (Madrid)study, in addition to all the other necessary findings and will formulate a “performance map”. Enabling a bodega to be built on scientific evidence and ensuring the fermentation machinery, storage tanks and bottling will be correctly matched for optimum wine production.